How to use text for a cell as part of a formula

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Can someone help with an excel formula?


I'm trying to add a dynamic text within a formula so the named range in my formula changes, I have a list of named ranges in my data table, and on the dashboard have a dropdown list of the named ranges, the formula is =SUMIFS(SCASCoreTotal,Month,E2) where SCASCoreTotal is the named range, I want this to refer to column D and as I drag the formula down it will change the named range to the new named range, i.e. the next named range is SCASActualTotal so this will some all the values in that month for actuals, or whatever is in the next cell which reflects the named range in the list.


I hope this makes sense.


Regards Darren

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Perhaps like this:


Thanks @Riny_van_Eekelen that's perfect!