How to use Excel with Multiple Spaces in iPad OS 13

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How can I use Excel for iPad OS 13 with its new multiple spaces, multi tasking feature? That is show 2 sheets next to each other and open multiple instances of the app simultaneously. This works with Apple's spreadsheet Numbers, Word-processor Pages and other apps. I can't get it to work with Excel or Word. Is Microsoft supporting this standard feature of the OS or am I missing something to get it to work?

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Hi @s_made 


Although the multiple spaces functionality is available through iPadOS now, developers have to update their apps and enable support for multiple spaces themselves.


Microsoft are more than likely to do this soon, given Office applications were actually shown using multiple spaces during the iPadOS release keynote, but I haven’t noticed any Microsoft updates officially announcing support yet.


Very much looking forward to this feature too! Will be a massive improvement.


Hope this helps



Hi RVGMiller,


Thanks for the update. It is re-assuring they presented Office using multiple spaces with a single app.


With iPadOS now released, excited to see Microsoft support this standard feature with their Office Suite, very soon.

@s_made I cant believe its been over a year since they announced this and Microsoft still hasn’t applied this feature to their apps. It’s been super frustrating having to back and fourth between spreadsheets when update it the database on our inventory software. I really hope someone from Microsoft is listening and update their apps for multi-window support and trackpad support

@Villavi3 I completely agree. Multiple spaces is available for Word & Power Point at last, but still no support for Excel. I’m assuming they’re having some difficulties with Excel in particular, but I don’t know what could justify such a delay.


It’s a shame because Excel is the only Office app that I just can’t replace with the Apple equivalent (otherwise I would have switched a long time ago).

I'm very disappointed too that Microsoft's team still can't provide this functionality to iPadOS users. It prevents me from using completely my iPas as my computer 

its Nov. 2020 and still not available on Microsoft has some one find out more




Hi @Annette47


This has now been released for Word & PowerPoint. We’re still waiting for Excel to add multiple document support, but it’s coming in “the next few months” apparently.


Microsoft recently made an announcement, which covers this and other new features for iPad (such as trackpad support) which you can read here.





@Annette47 this should be released soon. Their OfficeInsider beta on IOS now has this working. I've attached a screenshot of it here.

Ddownload the office app for iPad OS and keep the office app also. you can lunch both app side by side and work on two separate files simultaneously @s_made