How to use an if and statement

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I am trying to link a bunch of tabs together in excel - but I'm not sure the best formula to reuse over and over to get the input.  


Here is an example of what I'm working with:


Tab 1:

LocationGroupJanuary 1January 2January 3


Tab 2:

LocationGroupJanuary 1January 2January3


I have a tab (like tab 2) for each month. So I have 13 tabs in total that I am working with.


I would like to combine all of this information onto one tab (tab1).  How would I create a formula to connect these together?  


This is what I created at first, but it won't drag and paste.  Thanks in advance.


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Combine then what? Your question is incomplete. Attach a sample file and show your desired output. TOCOL(), VSTACK() may help.

@Harun24HR Attached is a test dataset/example of what I'm looking for.


There is a tab of all the data that needs to be linked to the other month tabs.  Hope this makes more sense.  The first tab is all of the information from the other tabs.

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@nattiej101 HSTACK() should work for you.