How to upload folder in power query

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I cannot find upload from folder when use power query on Mac

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@Lil13500 PQ for the Mac does not support that connector yet.

Could you please help me on further question? How to upload more than one file with MACRO using PQ? Thanks.

@Lil13500 I don't use macro's anymore. And in fact I don't understand what you mean by uploading files with a macro using PQ. Sorry.

Actually what I want is to upload several files by using power query.
But these file are with MACRO.
How can I do? Thanks

@Lil13500 Power Query connects to files, transforms data and loads tables back to Excel or the Data Model. The latter not on a Mac, though. Once you have an Excel file with PQ generated tables you can, of course, upload the file as you wish, but you don't use PQ to upload files.