how to upload file to my topic in community

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hi everyone 

i start one topic in excel community  and try to drag and drop my excel file and always show me error (The file type .xlsx is not supported) 

any idea please 

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Once you're in Community you can then click on the topic you would like to access and then click on the red “reply” link directly under the thread you would like to comment on or add a file to.
From here you can type a comment and/or add a file to the text box. A file can be either dragged directly into the text box from your desktop or uploaded using the upload link located above the text box which looks like a horizontal line with an arrow pointing up.


Thank you for yr reply, I'm familiar with upload icon on new/ or replay box, but the problem is there is no upload icons as you see .Untitled.png


any idea

Me either. Typical MS complexity where none is needed.
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@a_gunslinger @nalnofal Hello all! 


.XLSX is supported! We have tested it and it does work. 

However, the upload button is not in the toolbar. It's below the editor.


See image below. Hope that helps!



@Eric Starker , thank you, great news!