How to turn off type in for product vendor name

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Is there a way where I can clock the type-in feature for the product vendor name? 

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Do you mean that you want to get rid of the drop-down in cell E9?

If so: select E9, then click Data Validation on the Data tab of the ribbon.

Click Clear All, then click OK.

You'll have to click out of the cell then back to see the result.

No i would like to keep the drop down but make it where you can only select what is in the box and cant free style type in the box


Activate the Developer tab of the ribbon.

In the Controls group, click to highlight Design Mode.

You should see a combo box appear somewhere on the sheet.

Right-click on it and select Properties from the context menu.

Scroll down the list of properties if necessary, until you see Style in the left-hand column.

Change the value in the right-hand column to 2 - fmStyleDropDownList.

Close the Properties pane, then click to unhighlight Design Mode.

Save the workbook.