How to transfer data to different sheets?

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I am newbie with formulas. How to transfer data to different sheets?


I wish to transfer this data or the total sums to a do another sheet:


Gross revenue 
Sales 131,211.34
Cost of sales20,760.50
Gross profit110,450.84
Other income 
Interest received0.00
Total Income110,450.84
Operating Expenditure 
Bank Fees4360.86
License Insurance3644.16
Stationery 0.00
Business Trip61424.16
Vehicle Expenses16907.8
Total Operating Expenses95157.93
Operating profit/(loss) before taxation15,292.91


Thank you

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For a single cell:


Select the cell on the other sheet where you want the formula.

Type =

Click on the sheet tab of the sheet with the data.

Click on the cell with the value that you want to use (for example a total).

You should now see something similar to =DataSheet!D10 in the formula bar.

Press Enter or click the check mark to the left of the formula in the formula bar.


For a multi-cell range:


Select a range on the data sheet.

Click the Copy button on the Home tab of the ribbon, or press Ctrl+C.

Activate the other sheet.

Select the top left cell of the range where you want a copy of the data.

Click on the lower half of the Paste button on the Home tab of the ribbon.

Select Paste Link under Other Paste Options.