How to sync/mimic 2 Excel documents in separate locations

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I have 2 documents that are exactly the same.  One is for me and my scheduling team to work on progressively throughout the year and is kept in our office shared drive folder.  The other document is kept in our management shared drive folder and is meant to serve as a place for my boss to check these documents for all of our region (including mine) if needed.  It would be great if I didn't have to constantly open the management document and update it with changes we've made to the office document and if it could change automatically that would be great.  There are filters and conditional formatting rules in this document so I don't know if that will affect anything.  Is this possible?  

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I imagine the management have rights to the office shared drive folder so why not just put a shortcut in the management shared drive folder instead of a copy of the file?

@mtarler no. My manager is senior/corporate management so they do not have access to every single local drive of our medical facilities.