How to sum in excel by colour

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I have Excel 356 And wish to make formul that i have colum and diffrent colours and wish to sum lets say all red values or yelow,.... not inportant or text colour or compleate colour... I find some help on internet vb editor but on excel 356 i cant open it alt f11 dont do nothing

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Attached is the file with various examples.



Hope I was able to help you with this info.



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Tnx for help your excell work but if I copy it to my conpleate it dont work on collum d and e i have error if i translate name not correct i think something is missing in my file


If I may recommend inserting the file (without sensitive data), describe your topic / problem step by step. In this way, you will receive a solution proposal that might fit your topic / problem much faster and more precisely and the helpers will save a lot of time in guessing the topic / problem beforehand. Information about the Excel version, operating system, storage medium (hard drive, OneDrive, Sharepoint, etc.) would be of great advantage for everyone :).

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Thank you for your understanding and patience



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Tnx for all help. 

I am using Office 356 on win 10. I have send you an file of my test excell that I have make (copy from your file and modifyed). When I put your formula inside it just write inside name ...

If I open your file it is working if I copy conpleate page from your excell file to anew Excell it is not working any more. 

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It didn't include the modules in your workbook.

Maybe it was my negligence to inform you more about it,

in the heat of the writing battle I sometimes miss that the users

don't always have the same perspective.

Attached is the file corrected with the VBA modules.


Additional Infos/links:

Copy a macro module to another workbook

Create custom functions in Excel


Hope I could help you with that.

I wish you much success and fun with Excel.



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Sorry for late reply. 

It works perfectly...


Tnx for help...