how to sum all rows of accounting entries which also has text entries not including invoice#s

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I have a table that has text and invoice numbers and accounting total entries. How do I sum that row without including invoice numbers and check numbers without a complicated formula. I set the format for the invoice numbers and check numbers as text but the formula still includes them. Thanks!

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It's not really clear what the problem is. You sum (or should sum) the column that has the financial figures in it; your image only shows one row with such a number.


The sum would come down at the bottom of the column you've labelled "January"


It would be easier for people here to help you if you'd attach a copy of the spreadsheet itself, rather than an image. Just make sure there's no proprietary or personal information on the sheet.


If you put in the values first and then changed the format to "Text": that won't help.

You have apply the format by going to the cells and press F2 and ENTER.