How to Stop Excel from Scrolling when Pasting

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When I copy a cell on the left side of a spreadsheet and paste into a cell on the right side, the whole spreadsheet scrolls right.  Sometimes it also scrolls up or down.  It's almost like Excel wants the pasted cell to be in the middle of the display.  It does it in the other direction too.  Is there a setting that I have somehow accidentally turned on that forces the display location of any cell that that control-V is used in?  I spend all day chasing my spreadsheets around. 

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Hi @DavidThorpe 


I don't think there's a setting, but I think if you slightly adjust the column width of where you are pasting prior to pasting the jumping should stop  (it did when I just checked - I'm using Excel 365 Desktop)



@Wyn Hopkins 

I tried that, it still did it.  Here is an example of what it's doing. 

I'm copying the red cell (control c) and pasting it into the yellow cell (control v)...



It scrolled to the right.  The blue cell is where the curser was after it scrolled.



If I paste into any cell below the yellow one it scrolls.  If I paste into any square above the yellow one it doesn't scroll. 









Very odd.
Does changing the screen zoom (down the bottom right) have any effect?
I can't reproduce what's happening for you, never seen it before.

Might be worth running a repair (if it's Office 365 )

@Wyn Hopkins 

Thanks for the response.  I zoomed out to the point that I can't read the text and it still does it.  It is Office 365, repairing didn't fix it and neither did re-installing.  

Hi @DavidThorpe 


I'd recommend you send a frown (via File > Feedback, and include a link to this thread)

Hopefully someone in the Excel team would investigate.


My last random guess suggestion would be to try ticking the box to "Disable Hardware Graphics acceleration".  That setting sometimes causes odd results.