how to stack part of named arrays/

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hi, I have two named arrays, Array1 and Array2, and I want to stack row#3 from the first array +Row #4 from the second array
=Vstack(row#3@Array1, Row#4@Array2)
what is the syntax to be written?

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@AlaaElmahmoudy That would be:

Thank you very much, may I ask another two questions?
1 - I have Array and want to sum the total of each column but exclude the first row (header).
2 - How to use this syntax but exclude certain rows (as I have many rows and I need to exclude few)?

@AlaaElmahmoudy Please provide some more information. A screenshot of a link to a file with an example of such an array and on showing which rows need to be summed.

Thank you, the below is array called Array1
10754 10776
Active Active
S 9
12 12
A 8
8 S
8 13

This array carries the ID of active attendance per month, I want to get the name, ID and the total number of Overtime hours (>8) and show also when absent or sick
The output should look like
10754, Over Time: 4 Hours, Absent: 3-12, Sick: 1-12
10776, Over Time: 10 Hours, Absent; 4-12