How to sort the row in best possible way?


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This is our production planning sheet. Each row represents a production order to be produced and raw mat 1 until 5 is the material we needed to use. I need to manually sort each row to match the next row in terms of material used in the best possible way, which means, I need to sort raw mat 1 KLR175, KLR275, KLR275, LNT140, LNT140 for column X and vice versa for the rest until column AB. Is there any solution to sort by excel and give the best possible way for arranging because custom sort doesn't solve the problem. If you can get column P sequencing from 15 to 19, then you got the correct answer. 


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Sort rows

1. Open your Excel document and switch to the "Data" tab at the top. Now click on the "Sort" button there.

2. Then click on "Options ..." in the new window to see further settings for sorting.

3. Under "Alignment" select "Sort rows". Then click OK.

4. Under "Column", select a column according to which your rows should be sorted. If necessary, select under "Order" which value is to be used for sorting. Then click OK".

5. Your table should now be sorted according to your settings.


quick start Guide

    Open your Excel document, switch to the "Data" tab and click on "Sort".

    Now go to "Options ..." and then select "Sort rows".

    Then select a column under "Column" by which you want to sort. If necessary, select a sort value under "Order".


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Sort data in a table


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