How to simulate old array formulas that yield one result instead of spilling

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How to implement the following



which will add values in C201 through C210 when A201 through A210 has the value "CAPITAL"

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SUM(IF(LEFT(A201)="CAPITAL",C201,0)) and copy down to row 210. Or, I think this would also work (@ is the intersection operator). SUM(IF(LEFT(@A201:A210)="CAPITAL",@C201:C210,0))



@ is the intersection operator

To be more precise:

SPACE is the intersection operator.

@ is the reference operator aka implicit intersection operator.


May I know whether the function LEFT(A201:A210) works as your expectation while the number of character is not passed to the function?

@Willy Lau 

It is in the support article for the function:

If num_chars is omitted, it is assumed to be 1.

Yes, I know it.

But how can a 1-length string be equal to "CAPITAL"? 

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It should be Left(A201:A210, 7). If omitted, it defaults to one - I just copied the existing formula and did not catch that. But, to be honest, I'm not sure I entirely understand the question. It does not appear the existing formula should spill, with the sum function.


Perhaps this is closer to what you are trying do?
=IF(LEFT(@A201:A210, 7)="CAPITAL",@C201:C210,0)


Or, perhaps enter the existing formula with Ctrl+Shift+Enter, or replace sum with sumproduct?

SUMPRODUCT(--(LEFT(A201:A210, 7)="CAPITAL"),C201:C210)

@Willy Lau 

You are correct.

But to be fair @JMB17 only used the formula given by @radinhj .


@radinhj IF i am not wrong you want the cell in C to sum up corresponding to column A contains CAPITAL?

if it is directly use sumif OR SUMPRODUCT function








Thanks.  This only works if the value is CAPITAL but not if the value contains CAPITAL.

The question I posed is somewhat simplified since i am actually looking to include multiple complex conditions (using AND and OR within the IF statement)


I apologize for the sloppiness if omitting the ",7" for field length. I was trying to simplify the problem. Thanks to everyone who responded.

The actual issue is a bit more complicated.

here is an example of the formula I am trying to enter


that is, sum the amounts in cells B282 through B290 when the corresponding value in A282 through A290 contains "CAPITAL" (ignoring case)

inserting a @ sign did not work
Try this: