How to show negitive value with brackets

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Hi All,


I want to know that is there any possibility to show negative value in a Excel cell, that need to be shown with in brackets. Requirement as shown below.



Any insights are highly appreciated.



Sridhar Dasari


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You could try a custom number format: 0.00;(0.00)






I tried this before but it is coming like -(9000). But i need only (9000)
In that case, you have made a mistake implementing the the second term of the number format. Less importantly, I would suggest adding a space after the positive numbers to align the positive and negative numbers. Colour can also be used.
I would guess that you used: 0.00;-(0.00)

Which is not what I suggested. Since my previous post included a screenshot showing the negative result formatted exactly as you requested, and not -(9000) as you say, I'm not sure why you don't believe it would work.