How to show Excel doc file TABS in Sharepoint

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Had a team trying to display tabs in Excel files saved to Sharepoint.

Nothing they tried worked.  After a bit of trial and error, I have a fix.


Open Sharepoint, right click on the excel file in question and select open in app. 




Next, in Excel, right click on one of the tabs and click on “Select All Sheets”



Next, right click on any tab and select “Unhide”




A new window opens allowing you to select which tabs to unhide.


Using the mouse and keyboard “Shift” button to highlight the desired tabs to unhide; then click ok..



Close Excel, causing a new window to open. When the process completes, excel will close and the file is ready to work as expected in the browser.



That's it.


Hope this helps.



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Let me know if you find this useful, or need the steps updated...