How to set multiple series labels at once

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I have a scatter plot with 72 series' at the same time. Currently, they are called by default names "Series1", "Series2", etc. But I have a list of labels that I want to set the Series' names to. I don't want to go through all 72 series' and manually set their labels one-by-one. Is there a way I can set the Series names all at once? If it's not possible in normal Excel, is there a way I could do it with vbs? 




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If the range containing the series names is adjacent to the series values, try the following:

  • Click anywhere in the chart.
  • On the Chart Design tab of the ribbon, in the Data group, click Select Data.
  • Click in the 'Chart data range' box.
  • Select the range containing both the series names and the series values.
  • Click OK.

If this doesn't work, press Ctrl+Z to undo the change.

Alright, this did work for me