How to select rows in a table corresponding to criteria that apply to several rows?

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I'm trying to select rows in a table according to criteria that appear in the first column of the table. The selection criterion is to correspond to a list (for example: a list of file numbers). In the table, the same criterium (i.e file numbers) may apply to several rows.

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You don't say WHERE you want to do this.  If in a filter applied to a table, choose perhaps "Text filter" in the drop down and knock yourself out.


If you wanted to do so in a SPILL formula, try perhaps


=FILTER(ROW(myTable), IFNA(MATCH(INDEX(myTable,0,1),myCriteria,0),FALSE))


to receive the matching row numbers.



Thank you for your answer.


I wanted to create a different table for the selected data.

I am going to try your suggestion. Could you please explain me what you mean with SPILL formula ?


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