How to save spreadsheet as UTF-16 CSV on Mac OS using MS Excel?

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I'm trying to save an excel spreadsheet as a UTF-16 Comma Separated Values spreadsheet because the system I'm working with requires it when working from Mac OS, however, from the list of options in the "File Format" drop down - I'm do not see an option for UTF-16 anywhere so how do I save it in this format?

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Just wanted to clarify that the .txt save format option is not going to work for our application.  It needs to be CSV: CSV UTF-16 (Comma delimited) (.csv)



I've tried to follow the instructions in the link below, but I'm not seeing a way to get into the "options" within the "Save As" window:


What I see instead (I can't enter anything or check the checkbox - not sure what the point of this is):




Hi, I am having the same problem. I cannot see where to save as .csv with utf-16... I have Microsoft Office 2021 Mac.