how to save and store an excel chart

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can anyone tell me how to save an excel chart once it is created on a separate worksheet or in Word?

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First of all, this forum is mostly about Excel, although occasionally we'll deal with Word matters where the two programs are both involved. e.g., Mail Merge

That said, your question almost doesn't make sense, insofar as once you've created the excel chart, on that separate worksheet (assuming you're still in the same workbook; and if you're not, why not?!)...then it should be a simple matter of just saving the existing workbook.

So tell us a little more of what you're experiencing here that led to your question. And if you can, upload the file in question, so long as there's no confidential info in it,
Is there any more information on this? I have the same problem: I create the chart on the same page as the data (downloaded as csv from an external source), save it, but when I open it again, the chart was not saved. Just now, I created a dummy file with data that I entered, created a chart, saved the file, and the chart saved. Could the source of the data be the problem?


In first case in which format did you save the file - csv, xlsx, etc ?

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I simply downloaded the files as csv. I'm guessing I should have saved them as xls?




Yes. csv file is just text file, it doesn't keep formatting, graphics, etc. Save As excel file, .xlsx is preferrable

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