How to return a single variable from various variables

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Hi, my spreadsheet contains various fields that require various inputs which I am trying to automate. I am only trying to automate certain fields. 


There are 18 sites and 4 departments and I'm trying to find a way that if I enter the site into a cell, the other selected cells automatically fill in information like the set criteria below. 


I tried the IF function but it wouldn't let me enter more than one site.


Can you help?

Many thanks in advance,


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It sounds to me that you are looking for the XLOOKUP formula. But, maybe if you upload your file I will be able to see what you are actually trying to achieve there.

Hi, this perhaps



2023-03-02 00_48_39-Window.png



Hi @ricardojose,


I've uploaded a file so you can see the layout and fields. There are 2 worksheets:


Users are where I would want the values populated.

LOOKUP are the values I would like used used for each office.


What I'm trying to achieve is that, if enter the Site into the user worksheet it pulls through the other fields of data relating to that office from the LOOK-UP worksheet.


Thank you for helping me with this!!!



Unfortunately you can't use a Table on the "Users" sheet if you want to use FILTER(). You have to convert the table to an "ordinary area " (unsure about the translation, but something like:
table design->convert to area)

Then you can put a formula like this in E2 and copy it down.
By the way: You are allowed to use XLOOKUP in a table as suggested by @ricardojose.
Something like this in E2, copy to the right (assuming VM/BD in the header of column O/N is just a slipp)
=XLOOKUP ([@Site],'LOOK-UP'!$A$2:$A$19,'LOOK-UP'!C$2:C$19,,0)
I prefer Filter(). But this alows you to keep your structure
Hi, thank you, I'll give the XLOOKUP a try and let you know how I get on.
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Thank you for uploading the file.


I have added the formula and I have also made some changes that I think are the ones you were looking to have using the data validation.



Hi @ricardojose, thank you so much for your help. It's working like a dream.