How to replace value with blank

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value error appears and this is the string of the cell where it appears in:


=IF(C7=Sheet2!$J$3;2;IF(C7=Sheet2!$J$2;5;""))+[@[Entry date]]


But I want to have it blank if it shows value. How can I do this?


attached also the screen

Zrzut ekranu 2021-12-09 091639.png

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What about using IFERROR function, IFERROR(IF(C7=Sheet2!$J$3;2;IF(C7=Sheet2!$J$2;5;""))+[@[Entry date]]; "")

Let me know if it helped or detail ur problem,
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As variant

=IFS( C7 = Sheet2!$J$3; 2 + [@[Entry date]];
      C7 = Sheet2!$J$2; 5 + [@[Entry date]];
      TRUE, "" )