how to remove unwished ranges or how to shrink the displayed part of a Graph/Chart

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Dear all

I have a defined Chart and I would 'restrict' the area of the x-axis that is shown w/o creating a

different chart.

I know how to restrict the values on the y-axis.


Is there a similar way to zoom-in the X-axis (or indeed to zoom out as there could be the wish to) w/o

creating a different chart? 


BTW the question is also valid if the x-axis does not have numerical values


Thank you and regards

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@pippo02 On the X-axis that only works with Date values. If your labels on the X-axis are numbers like 1, 2, 3 ,4, 5 etc. you can mimic this behavior by setting the axis type to 'Date axis'. This will then trigger default boundaries from 1 January 1900 to let's say 15 January 1900. Now you can narrow down the displayed 'date range' by changing the minimum and maximum bounds.


I've not come across a method to do this with Text labels, other than by using a Pivot Chart and filtering the X-axis categories.


I will try this on another case.
It does not really solve the generic issue.
BTW why Date should be the only case where this option is possible.
I really cannot understand.


For most chart types, Excel treats the x-axis as text unless it is a date axis. Setting a minimum and maximum of text values makes no sense.

If you change the chart type to XY Scatter, you can specify the minimum and maximum values for the x-axis:


But a scatter plot is a different 'beast', at least in many other scientific programs.