How to Remove Time Stamp from Date

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As seen in the picture below I need to remove the time stamp from these cells. I've have tried just changing the number format for that colum but it wont work. I feel like I've watched 12 youtube videos with no luck. Can anyone give me some advise?


Screenshot (36).png

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Select E5:E26.

Make sure that the selection is formatted as a date.

On the Data tab of the ribbon, click Text to Columns.

Click Next >, then click Next > again.

In step 3, select Date, then select MDY from the drop-down next to it.

Click Finish.


Repeat for F5:F26.

@Hans Vogelaar Thanks for the reply but that did not work for me following your steps exactly. Is there anything else you could suggest or maybe I could send you the file? I have no idea why this is not working. 


If you can attach a sample workbook to a reply, please do so. Otherwise, upload it a OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox or similar, then obtain a link to the uploaded file and post the link in a reply. Thanks in advance.


From the discussion this far, I suspect the date and timestamp to be nothing more than a bit of text that Excel has failed to recognise as a date.

If so,

= LEFT(timestamp, SEARCH(" ", timestamp)-1)

should return the date as text, terminating just before the first space.

If required, placing '--' before the 'LEFT' should coerce the text to a (numeric) Excel date.