How to remove large text across worksheet

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Please can someone help me remove that large text across my worksheet "_FilterDatabase"

I have spent hours trying. I have tried copying the contents to a new sheet but I loose the formatting of the pictures. Thanks

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click View> Normal

Thank you for replying, I have just checked under view. The normal button is selected but it is still there @Yea_So 

can you share the workbook?
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There's your answer
Thank you both soooo much for helping me!!
The problem is, it is a large sheet so at times you do want to zoom right out. Seems odd it is so hard to get rid of it.
Not to worry I will just zoom in!
Thanks again, so humbled how helpful people are



As a variant although I have not tried it, you can copy a zoomed out version the entire worksheet with content and paste it in a different tab as a linked image that way when you zoom it out since you already have a zoomed image, you won't have that nuisance.



I think I tried every paste option, one of them it looked perfect except my jpg's became all distorted. I should have started with a fresh workbook rather than build on the original from third party that has unecessary database filter. I have tried to turn off but they are greyed out. I have to issue it shortly so it will just have to stay as it is. Thanks again