How to remove gap at the start and end of Excel area chart with multi-level axis?

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I'm trying to create an area chart in Excel that has a multi-level axis for the X-axis. For some reason, if I use a single level axis, my chart is created as desired:


Single level.png


But when I switch to a multi-level, a gap is inserted at the start and end of the chart:



Switching between "on tick marks" and "between tick marks" in axis options didn't help this either. Is there a way to fix this?

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Instead of a multi-level axis, use values such as 2013Q4, 2014Q1, ..., 2021Q4 for the x-axis, and rotate the axis labels if necessary.

@Hans Vogelaar Do you mean there's no solution to this? Because that seems more of a workaround than a solution


As far as I know there is no solution for a multi-level axis, so I suggested a work-around.