How to Remove Actual Duplicate Values

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I have a database. Where there is a column called NID. NID numbers are usually 10, 13 and 17 digits.
After applying the duplicate value in the NID column, I see that if the 10 and 13 digit NID numbers are more than one, it detects exactly as a duplicate value.


But in the case of 17 digits the opposite
If the 17-digit NID number does not have more than one, then it can be seen that some 17-digit NID numbers are detected as duplicate values ​​even though they are not duplicated.

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Is this for Microsoft Access?


In this case ID numbers are saved as text, but counting duplicates Excel interprets such texts as numbers, for which it keeps 15 digits maximum. If work with numbers using the rule with formula


it operates with 17 digits maximum and returns duplicates correctly.

If you have more than 17 digits that doesn't work as well. If so it'll be more reliable to create helper column with texts like ="abc" & C3 and check duplicates on this column.

Please check attached.

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