How to protect graphs/charts in Excel online

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Hi, I have created a pivot table chart with slicers in Excel desktop, and I’ve protected them both so users can only interact with the slicers. In the desktop version, after I protect the sheet then the workbook, I can use the slicers and everything else is locked and stays in place as it should—pull handles can’t be seen nor does slicers or chart/graph move when clicked on, and my pivot chart updates perfectly as intended….the slicers work perfectly and the chart/graph responds appropriately. Also, I am the owner and only person with editing capabilities. BUT, when I save it to our sharedrive and save it with others. They open it (web/online Excel version) and the tab shows a lock on it, but they can move around slices & my chart.  It is so very, very, very frustrating, because I open it back up in Excel desktop to see what went wrong, and the sheet & workbook is showing protected, yet my slivers and graph are moving around as though it’s not. And when I protect everything again & test it in the desktop mode, it works perfectly.  What do I need to do to stop this from happening? 

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As far as I know in Excel Online, you may not have direct options to protect slicers and charts as you do in the desktop version.
Try placing your charts and slicers in a separate sheet and protect that sheet. Users can interact with slicers and view charts, but they can't move them.

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