How to protect a file from copying while still being able to edit it ?

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I created an xls file with 2 worksheets (and 1 table in each worksheet) for a dental clinic. This file will be saved and stored on the main server and shared on every computer of the clinic, so that each team member will be able to open it and enter data in the 2 tables.

The manager would like to protect this file from copy to prevent anyone to use it in another clinic.

What would be the best way (and the simplest way) to protect this file from copying while still letting people add new data in the tables ? 
My guess would be to protect the cells in the header (with a password) and give permission only to enter new data in the blank rows below. 

Thank you in advance for your help ! 
FYI : I'm really not an expert in Excel, so I hope there'll be a simple way to solve my problem ;)


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Try of you can use File, Info, Workbook protection, Restrict access.