How to populate down the current formula automatically

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Hello all, 


Below is sample excel file download link 


As in cell B3 and C3, when I put below formula, it will automatically populate down the following cells




But for D3, I have tried many ways but not know how to make it populate down as the other 2 previous columns.


Could you guys please help me with this ?


I also added the DESIRED RESULT sheet for the desired result I want for the D column




Desired result 





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The formulas in B3 and C3 are SUMIF formulas that specify a multi-cell range as criteria argument:




So they automatically return a result in multiple cells. The formula in D3 uses TEXTJOIN; this function is designed to concatenate strings into a single result. It fails if you try to make it return multiple results.

Just fill down the formula from D3 to D6.