How to populate and filter cells based on information from other cells?

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Hi , sorry about the confusing title . I have attached the sheet i am working on as a picture. basically I have a list of my bills, I have a function in cells G2 -G9 that tells if the bill should be on my upcoming paycheck or the next one.  

What I am hoping to do , is use the information in cells G2 - G9 to populate the pay day section with the correct information for which bill should be on which check. Ideally without any blank areas between them for the days that are skipped. 

Bill sheet.jpg
This is being made on Excel for web... so there may be limitations. any help would be appreciated. 

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Honestly,,, it's hazy, quite confusing too,,, please edit the post & be specific what you are expecting as Output,,, better share the WB with us & let us examine the data to fix it !!