how to physically move rows along with the chart depending on the cell value?

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There are 3 rows: 5, 11, 17.
In columns P5, P11, P17 there are the places in the rating. I want to see, if P11= 1st place in rating it moves on the top table(1st row) (in my case it can be P5), and if P5 = 2nd place in rating I want to see it on 2nd rows (in my case it can be P11).
But I also want to see the connection between Q5 and her own the chart. If P5=2, so it should move to 2nd row, and Q5 with her own the chart should move to 2nd row.

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It is a lot easier to sort your data if you remove all empty rows.
I can't remove it, because otherwise I will see my charts are one by one. They need free areas
What if you simply increase the height of the rows so the chart fits in a single row entirely?

@Jan Karel PieterseI remoted a few rows and I think this is the latest version. I cannot remove other rows because there is data associated with them

I'm sorry but I am unable to understand what the texts in your file say as I cannot read the language (or characters). In addition, the charts in your example seem to point to data in another file so it is impossible to tell what source data they are using.

@Jan Karel Pieterse I changed my book, I think now I can see all info

@Maksim7570 I meant something like the attached, where I placed the charts next to the table. You can sort the table in any order you like, the charts should refer to the row that they are on.

You didn't understand me. I want to see automatically changing in my book.
For example, sheet "Лист1", if P10=1, row 10 should move to row 4. And if P7=3, row 7 move to 10 etc.

@Maksim7570 LIke this (change the numbers in column A or B, the charts and the table on the right update automatically). This version only works with Excel 365

I see what you do, but I don't have Excel 365. Maybe there are other formulas or macros?

@Jan Karel Pieterse 


I saw what you did, but I don't understand how I can use it in this sheet (look at the picture)

That is my point, your current design makes this very hard to do, mine is a lot simpler and enables automatic sorting of the data into a top-3, including the charts.