how to navigate in excelsheet

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how do you navigate from input field to input field in an Excel file with for example the tab key?
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You need to just be bold and try things out. You can't hurt anything.

In general the Tab key will move left to right by one cell. The Enter or Return key will move down one cell. You can, I think, change those under preferences, but leave them as their default for now.

Probably most versatile is the cursor, moving it by moving with the touch pad or mouse and clicking on the cell you want to be on.
Thanks, i understand that my question was not formulated clearly enough.
I want to "jump" from field to field in a certain predefined order. For example from a3 to c5 by (for example) the tab a kind of route through the excelsheet.
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Other than writing a macro (and even that may not work), the only way I think you could accomplish that is by using "Protection" to protect against change any of the cells that are NOT to be used for input. Leave unprotected the cells that are to be used. Then, if my memory serves me from having seen that done, the cursor will automatically move from valid input cell to valid input cell.
THNX, i'm gonna try it immediatly !