How to move pages around in Excel

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I can't figure out for the life of me how to move pages to view side by side. For example, I have 13 pages that go straight down vertically. I'd like page #2 to be where page #14 is and page #3 where page #27 is, so I can see 9 pages at once on the screen. Is there any way to do this? Thank you



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Hi @Kristina123 


you can change the page order in the page setup dialog:



Thanks, but this is what happens. @Martin_Weiss It changes the page number layout the way I wanted it, but the information just stays on the original pages and doesn't move along with it. 



Hi @Kristina123 


I guess this is a misunderstanding. The cells in your worksheet will never move automatically anywhere else, it's just not what Excel is designed for. If you "physically" want to have the content that is currently shown on Page 5 in your screenshot instead on Page 2, than you have to move the content manually there.

The setting I showed is only for printing purposes.