How to move entire row to another sheet based on cell value in Excel 365

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I'm trying to create a script for excel 365 (the excel for web to be more precise) that moves data from a row to another sheet based on a cell that contains the word "ToDo". I've managed to do this with VBA and google sheets but I can't figure out how to make this work in excel 365. I've tried using the automate tab and Microsoft script lab add in. Can this be done or not? And if yes how?

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Excel for the web (Microsoft 365) doesn't support VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) like the desktop version of Excel... as far as I know :smile:. Additionally, the Automate tab in Excel for the web may not provide the same level of scripting and automation capabilities as VBA. What could be done would be to create a VBA code macro in an Ecel Desktop version and then run it in Excel for Web with some limitations.