How to move down a line and to the left?

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The Excel I'm using is in OneDrive, it's free version.


Enter takes me to the cell 1 row below, Alt+Enter takes me to the next line within the same cell, bot how to move to the first column in the next row, from let's say C8 to A9 instead of C9? Like in this video: The Beginner's Guide to Excel - Excel Basics Tutorial - YouTube (12:02). Is there a keyboard shortcut for that?

Obviously I know that I can use mouse or Enter and then Shift + Tab. I mean a simpler way. Is there one?

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If you are entering data in a fixed range, you can simply use Tab. For example:

Select A8:C100. A8 will be the active cell.

Pressing Tab repeatedly will move the active cell like this:

A8 -> B8 -> C8 -> A9 -> B9 -> C9 -> A10 -> B10 etc.


Otherwise, press Enter or down arrow, then Home.

Thank you so much. That works.

@Hans Vogelaar No, unfortunately the 1st solution doesn't help. It works when I type, but when I use ctrl+V it always fills the 1st active cell, meaning A8 in your example, no matter where I try to paste.


My suggestion was not intended for that.