How to merge and count same cells

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Hi All. i have export from Power Automate with a list of all my flows and confections, the thing is that if a flow A uses two connectors OneDrive and SharePoint, the list countians two rows for flow A for every connector used.


Here are some examples:

HNICE: Coverages Update SPOffice 365 Outlook
HNICE: Coverages Update SPSharePoint
HNICE: Coverages Update SPSQL Server
CorriganSP: Insert Zywave employeesSharePoint
CorriganSP: Insert Zywave employeesSQL Server
emailOffice 365 Outlook
Sadoff: Accident SP to SQL UpdateSharePoint
Sadoff: Accident SP to SQL UpdateSQL Server
Sadoff: Accident SP to SQL UpdateSQL Server
Producer Commission Reports : update MI ReportOffice 365 Outlook
Producer Commission Reports : update MI ReportSharePoint
Brecht Sharepoint: Update probationary driver to activeSharePoint
Brecht Sharepoint: Update probationary driver to activeSQL Server
Great West Sharepoint Coverage UpdateSharePoint
Great West Sharepoint Coverage UpdateSQL Server
prospect reportsSharePoint
prospect reportsSQL Server
ICCExpress: Move Billing to sharepointOffice 365 Outlook
ICCExpress: Move Billing to sharepointSharePoint

I want to summarize this by showing the Flow name (first column on the left) only once, but the user reading this file to see how which connectors is using? how is this achievable, any ideas?

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An alternative could be Power Query. In the attached file you can add data to the blue dynamic table. Then you can click in any cell of the green table and right-click with the mouse and select refresh to update the green result table.

The data layout in the screenshot and in the attached file is for illustration. You can place the green result table to the right of the blue table or in another worksheet.

flow name.JPG

That looks great, exactly how i thought should look like, to summarize and separate every connector for a flow in a comma delimiter, that i was i reduce the rows to half and have this high-level overview of Top connectors being used. Thank you for the solution, i will inspect the Query to see the logic behind and definitely re-use it in other examples like this one.