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How to make sure my Marks follows the rows

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I’m trying to make a tool for following our orders. I have all data input in sheet1 and the overview in sheet2

In A-D I have formatted so I changes as our order updates. In E-K I need employed to mark them they, for example have finished packing.


how do I make sure that the makes follow the order then updating?


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Display the relationships between formulas and cells

Excel’s built-in Trace Precedents feature and Trace Dependents feature can show arrows for one selected cell at a time.


or with VBA...

example in the attached file

Option Explicit

Function FormulaAsText(rng As Object)
    FormulaAsText = rng.Formula
End Function


Add Info:

Get formula precedents and dependents using the Excel JavaScript API


Hope I could help you with these information / link and file.



I know I don't know anything (Socrates)

Thank you @NikolinoDE 

I'm not sure it is what i'm looking for tho. I get data from a list I update every morning. When I update some lines will have been moved or deleted. Some new will appear.


I need; all my data in sheet 1 to follow the lines in my list then I update.

So if line 6 A-D today is coloursign print for doors. and my input date line 6 E-G

And it tomorrow changes to line 7 i need the input to follow so that it do not end up with a new customer. I have tried to attache an simpel exampel.

Can you help?



Here is a solution that might help.

A simple VBA code that shows with a comment which cell has changed, who changed it, when it was changed and what was in the cell before.

Try it out, maybe it will help you.

With my little knowledge, I can't do a Tailor Made solution.

@ColourSign  so the issue I think is that you are using a reference to a list that changes and manually adding data but don't include a "link" to the data you add.  So assuming that first column (Nr) is unique then you could add that to your dataset and then 'link'/merge your data with that data set.  A good way to do this would be to have a 'Data update' tab and a 'My data' tab and then use power query to merge the 2 sets.  The only issue with that is that you need to find the data on the power query page but then add the 'new' data onto the 'My data' tab.

Using the newest formulas that just came out I created a lookup that will 'fill in' the data update information on existing/known rows and have the 'new' data update lines follow so you can copy the ID and add your info on that same sheet. NOTE- this does not retain former information from Data update so if the new Data update is missing data from a line it will show blank info on that line so you would need to duplicate that info on that sheet (i.e. column E:J would expand to include columns for pName, pJob, pAmount if you want that info after it disappears from the Data update tab)