How to make "monitor change"?

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Hello everyone. Maybe it's a hard question, like my english :D. I'll try explain what I need.


I need to know how to write formule for that:


I have in one row number 100

In other row number 50

In 3rd row number 200

So in next column, in same rows, I want to have different in percents. For example

2nd row is 50 percent lower, so it says 50% (and take red text color)

3rd row is 400 percent higher then 2nd row, so it says 400% (and green text color).


Really need help on that :).

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@Bucketin , you may do like this


applying conditional formatting to second column with red if value is less than 1 (100%) and red otherwise

This working wrong. For example
1. 200
2. -500 and it shows -250%. It's wrong.

It depends on how do you calculate per cent. If as A2/A1 (as in your first post 200 is 4 times higher than 50, thus 400%), when 500/200 = 250%


If as ABS(A2-A1)/A1 when (500-200)/200=150%. It could be other definitions. What is correct result in this case?

Ahh nvm.. I tried many ways when number have - sign and always it show wrong calculations. I made it just simple different without percents. Thank you.