How to make conditional formating to exclude the totals

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How to make conditional formatting exclude totals



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That's not a case of conditional formatting (at least not what Excel means with "Conditional Format"). You're talking about designing the spreadsheet differently so that it doesn't include subtotals. So reverse what was done to put them in.


But it might be easier to help if you included a copy of the spreadsheet in question rather than only an image of it.


And here are some questions for you: Did you design it? Did somebody else? Are you changing the purpose of it in the process of eliminating subtotals? In other words, tell us a bit more of what the context is here.



Here is the part ot the table

I did it to keep track of my working hours and my future income for the day, week and month, respectively.


As for the total values - I put them there because it seemed to me the most appropriate place. If you have a better offer, please share!

Thanks in advance