How to make changes in column show in other tables

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I'm working with making an excel document so our office can plan our projects. It should have one sheet with a table where all projects are listed (let's call it AllProjects), and table each for the employees, where they can add how much they work on each project. The question for now is, how do I make it that whenever a new project is added to the AllProjects table, it shows up in all the other employee tables?


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Hi @Kaj_AL


You can user dropdown list, but you need to use INDIRECT while referencing it into a data validation list.

If you still have a query pls attach sample file with your desired result entered manually. 


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Hi @Faraz Shaikh !


Thank you for your response! I'm not sure I followed your response, but maybe my question was not clear. I added an example file. In this file, I want to be able to add a row in the AllProjects table (maybe Project 11 to follow the naming in the file). Project 11 should then be added to all the employee tables automatically.


I hope I make sense.


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