How to make a histogram on excel 2010?

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Hi, I have excel 2010 and I need to make a histogram, I have been googling endlessly on how to do so as it should be simple, but I need to apparently have add-in's toolpak? I have tried but I literally do not have any of those options. I go to 'file' i have no 'options' bar, but apparently that is not for mac. I have a mac and so I followed what was said to be done for a mac but I still do not have the options available. I went to 'tool's and 'add in's' but when I click on that I have a single option available nothing to do with a toolpak. Please could someone help me.

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A histogram is a graphic representation of the frequency distribution of cardinally scaled features. It requires the data to be divided into classes (bins), which can have a constant or variable width.

Source: Wikipedia


Histogramm in Excel - Infos & Steps:

Create a histogram

To create a histogram in Excel 2011 for Mac, you'll need to download a third-party add-in. See: I can't find the Analysis Toolpak in Excel 2011 for Mac for more details.


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