How to make a cell copy N/A

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I've a Production Tracker Spreadsheet.


We've a nesting column for each machine and then a column for production on each machine.


What I want is the production columns for the machines to lookup there Nested column. And if it equals N/A to put N/A in the processing Cell.

We do put values into the Nesting Columns other than N/A however I don't want them copied across unless it's N/A




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@JonShuard Difficult to see with columns and row you should refer to but I believe you start in Q3.



 and copy down and across


I Entered that and the Cell isn't showing a value.

Not sure what the issue may be there then

@JonShuard OK, perhaps I went to quick here. The N/A seems to be a text. I.e. not an N/A error message. Change the formula to:



Thank you that's worked