how to link to a different spreadsheet

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I need to create a big data file and I am planning to have a summary worksheet out of the data worksheet. I'd like to create columns in the summary worksheet where the heading is the same name as each of the data worksheets. Then I'd like to link the data worksheet cells to the summary worksheet by referencing the column headings. It shouldnt be difficult but I am at loss on how to do it - please help me if possible

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I think you want to build each other-worksheet reference as a string (not surprisingly) and use the INDIRECT function to have it evaluated.

E.g., in worksheet Summary1, if cell B3 contains the other-worksheet name Data1, and you want cell B4 to contain a sum from column C in Data1, the formula in B4 might be:
=SUM( INDIRECT( B3 & "!C2:C91" ) )

I hope that helps.