how to let people only use files on website, but don't let people download it

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Hello all,

I created some relative files to solve particular problems, I lovely share those files with people who need it. 

Since I still keep optimizing the solution, I prefer to share people only use those files on the website - they can open files on the website, fill (or paste) data in files, copy the generated data - but no way to download it.

If people download the files but neglect updating they will miss the better solution, that's the situation I don't want to see. I want to let people always share the latest version. Can I achieve such a wish?

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if I may interfere, with your permission, you can send your ideas to Microsoft.

On the right of your screen you will see "How can we make Excel better?",

There you can incorporate your ideas.

At the same time you can enrich us with your ideas here too,

I think we are all very open to new things here.
At the same time you can see for yourself how your ideas are accepted by most of the people here. I'm almost certain that one or the other from Microsoft will also see this and it would be a win-win situation for everyone involved.


Ps. If you are interested and there are actually so many ideas, we could open a page together with all these ideas, so you could reach more people and help
It's just an idea of mine ... because
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Thanks, Nikolino, I appreciate your good idea, but I actually don't know how to do that. Please tell me the detail about "we could open a page together with all these ideas". p.s. May I ask where you come from?  I am a Taiwanese, can we communicate in Chinese?