How to join each word of a sentence and make one word?



I have a list of item code, having more than 300 items. I want each word of a cell would be a single word. 


FOR EXAMPLE, A1 Cell value is (DC ALASKA PINK). I WANT (DCALASKAPINK).  meaning joining each word. 


Can anyone give me an idea, how to do this? I tried JOINT, CONCATENATE options.. but failed. 


Thanks in Advance.

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The formula


=SUBSTITUTE(A1, " ", "")


will return the value of A1 with all spaces removed.

Thanks, @Hans Vogelaar, this formula works. can you explain how does it working?


See SUBSTITUTE function 

SUBSTITUTE(A1, " ", "") means: take the value of cell A1 and replace all occurrences of " " (a space) with "" (an empty string)