How to increment entry point into table

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Hello everyone,

I need some help. See Below - I am inputting an initial value in cell "C2". That value is used in cell "H7" as a table entry criteria. Several calculations are done and the results (Subtotal) is reported in cell "I15" which is returned to cell "D2". More calculations are done and the results are in cell "F2"(Temp1). Then "Temp1" is used as the new starting value in cell "C3" and the whole process is repeated until all iterations are done, in this case the final answer is "Temp14". More or less iterations may be done in other cases. I know how to do almost everything and everything works as needed except for one thing. I don't know how to increment the row number in cell "H7" so as to iterate through the data from row #2 to row #15. I assume this is possible in Excel. I would greatly appreciate any help with this problem. Thank in advance.



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An image is only minimally helpful to those of us who would be interested in helping you. It's clear you have an actual it possible for you to post THAT, or, if the actual one contains confidential information of some sort, then a recreation without that confidential info.


Otherwise you're asking us to do that on our own, and that would involve making a lot of possibly false assumptions and thereby being unhelpful.


That said, I just want to make sure you know of the ROW function. Given your description, that might work to increment that row in H7...if that is the solution you've been looking for, fine. Otherwise, please help us help you by posting an actual workbook that incorporates your problem.


 Thank you for your response. I have attached a Excel File that I tried to make several years ago. I finally gave up and wrote a small program in C# to do this. That is where I got the idea to do what I am trying to do now. There is nothing confidential or even particularly interesting about what I am trying to do with the new spread sheet. I am just manipulating a point in space but I am trying to use the exact same scenario to increment or iterate through the values used to enter the table. So if you can offer any help with the attached Income Tax file I can kill two birds with one solution. I'm actually not a hunter so I don't kill birds or any other animal but I really will and do appreciate your help. Thanks.