How to include a name to a lambda function in Excel 365 on OneDrive

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How to include a name to a lambda function in Excel 365 on OneDrive

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@LHCeroni There's no Name Manager in the on-line version so you will have to use the "Advanced Formula Environment" on the Formulas ribbon.


Click the icon, then on the Names tab and the big + sign. Fill in the Function name, the description (optional), add arguments to be used in the LAMBA and then the function itself in the definition box. Press Done.





@Riny_van_Eekelen There is no Advanced Formula Environment option either on the web version as of October 2023. Is there any sure shot alternative?

Are you using the Excel web app with a work account? It could be an organizational setting where Excel Labs is not being deployed. I checked the web app just now for personal and work accounts and Excel Labs/AFE is there.

@Naman624 Much has changed since November last year. what used to be the AFE on its own is now stashed away under Excel Labs on the Home ribbon.



@Riny_van_Eekelen , @Patrick2788

I am using a personal account on OneDrive live (web version). And no, even Excel labs isn't available on the home ribbon or anywhere elseScreenshot 2023-10-14 155545.png



@Naman624 Well, I don't know then. Have no idea about all the different licensees and what's in one but not the other. Perhaps @Patrick2788 

The screenshot, by the way, does not suggest you are using the web version though. 

@Riny_van_Eekelen  Here is a wider screenshot to confirm that it is the web version.


Screenshot 2023-10-14 161630.png

@Naman624 Fair enough. I guess you need to install the Add In. Thought it was part of the ribbon by default.