How to import plain, simple, flat CSV data

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The old Text/CSV import wizard had not been updated since Office 2002/XP, looked old-fasioned, but it was very good at recognizing columns with dates. You could specify for instance YMD from a drop-down list and it even recognized yyyymmdd. Than suddenly, on a rainy monday morning you arrive in the office, fire up your PC, an Office 365 update comes in and without any advance notice the trustworthy old wizard is gone. Replaced by "Get and Transform Data". Great for enterprises, but a small company just needs that data that we get from the bank as a .CSV. No connections, queries, tables, transforms, styles or whatever. Just the raw data, permanently. We only need to convert that yyyymmdd dates to something Excel understands, like the old wizard did so well. 

We have no time to do a course or watch video's, we need to get on with our own core business. How can we make it work again?

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Hi Willem,


Not exactly, old wizard is still here. You may add it from File->Options




Select it from Lecacy Wizards in Get data




Alternatively you may call it from Tell Me field start typing Get data from text