How To? If # in column then populate in other cell

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Hello, I am looking for some help automating an entry process. I have attached a photo of what I would like to have accomplished.


In my spreadsheet I have several rows of numbers in Column A. What I would like is if a function can look at the numbers in Column A, and fill in a 1 into the corresponding cell which matches its number designation, and a 0 if it does not match. 


For example: CellA2 = 2, so CellC2 gets filled in with a 1, and everything else with a 0. 


Is there an easy way to automate this? Maybe split it up into steps, or multiple functions. Help would be greatly appreciated. 

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You can do that by using this formula:




Hope that helps


I've created a Formula =IF(A2=1),"1","0")

This is not 100% automated and you can't replicate it, it's necessary to build the entire table manually.

=IF(Logical Formula,"Value if True","Value if False")

Much appreciated.
Thanks, this has helped me speed things up.